This page lists frequently asked questions.

Top questions

  • [[FAQ: What changed regarding the license in 2020?]]
  • [[FAQ: MakeHuman does not start]]
  • [[FAQ: The interface looks broken ]]
  • [[FAQ: Scrolling does not work]]
  • [[FAQ: I have a problem with makehuman. How do I report it?]]
  • [[FAQ: Is there a mac build?]]
  • [[FAQ: I didn’t get any forum activation link]]
  • [[FAQ: I can’t download from the user repos, all files are saved as HTML]]
  • [[FAQ: MakeHuman renders odd colours and weird transparency artefacts. Can you help me?]]
  • [[FAQ: What happened to the special assets genitalia?]]
  • [[FAQ: How can I download assets for MakeHuman?]]
  • [[FAQ: How can I use the asset downloader to download everything by everyone?]]

Makehuman and Blender

  • [[FAQ: What is MPFB (MakeHuman Plugin For Blender)?]]
  • [[FAQ: How do I export assets from MakeHuman to Blender?]]
  • [[FAQ: How do I install a plugin in Blender 2.80?]]
  • [[FAQ: How do I upgrade a plugin in Blender 2.80?]]
  • [[FAQ: What happened to the MHX export in MH 1.1.x and later?]]
  • [[FAQ: Where can I get MHX2 for Blender 2.80]]
  • [[FAQ: What happened to MakeWalk?]]

General / unsorted

  • [[FAQ: What is MakeHuman?]]
  • [[FAQ: What is the prefered method for contacting the MakeHuman crew?]]
  • [[FAQ: Is there an IRC channel?]]
  • [[FAQ: How much does MakeHuman cost?]]
  • [[FAQ: What happened to the XYZ asset?]]
  • [[FAQ: I want to make a code fork of MakeHuman, but I hate mercurial or BitBucket]]
  • [[FAQ: Do you have some quick tips on how to make a nice image with a makehuman toon?]]
  • [[FAQ: What is a fashion render?]]
  • [[FAQ: I have a business idea. Can I hire someone on the dev team to do consultancy work or development regarding MakeHuman?]]
  • [[FAQ: Does “alpha” mean it is dangerous to use?]]


  • [[FAQ: What is Open Source?]]
  • [[FAQ: What is a target?]]
  • [[FAQ: What is the meaning of the numbers in MakeHuman release?]]
  • [[FAQ: What is a proxy?]]

Nightly builds

  • [[FAQ: What is a nightly build?]]
  • [[FAQ: Where are the nightly builds?]]
  • [[FAQ: Will the nightly build work?]]
  • [[FAQ: Can I use the stable version and the nightly build at the same time?]]
  • [[FAQ: What’s with the “makehuman-community-*” file name?]]
  • [[FAQ: How can I run the same code as the nightly build from source?]]


  • [[FAQ: Why quadrilaterals?]]
  • [[FAQ: What happened to the specific skeletons (the UE and SL rigs for example)?]]
  • [[FAQ: Why is there no perspective mode?]]


  • [[FAQ: Where can I download MakeHuman?]]
  • [[FAQ: Where can I find older Versions of MakeHuman?]]
  • [[FAQ: I’m using ubuntu. Is there a PPA?]]
  • [[FAQ: Which version of MakeHuman should I download?]]
  • [[FAQ: Where are my MakeHuman files found (where is my HOME directory)?]]
  • [[FAQ: Where can I unzip MakeHuman (in Windows)?]]
  • [[FAQ: How can I run MakeHuman from a BitBucket source clone?]]
  • [[FAQ: How can I build MakeHuman from source?]]
  • [[FAQ: I downloaded third party clothes. How do I install them?]]
  • [[FAQ: I downloaded a third party model. How do I install it?]]
  • [[FAQ: I downloaded a third party proxy. How do I install it?]]
  • [[FAQ: I downloaded a third party target. How do I install it?]]
  • [[FAQ: I downloaded a third party skin. How do I install it?]]
  • [[FAQ: I downloaded a third party plug-in. How do I install it?]]
  • [[FAQ: How do I uninstall MakeHuman?]]
  • [[FAQ: Can I sell models created with MakeHuman?]]
  • [[FAQ: Can I create a commercial closed source game with models generated by MakeHuman?]]
  • [[FAQ:What do I need to do when I use a CC-BY asset?]]
  • [[FAQ: We at company X don’t like AGPL and want another license]]

Creating assets

  • [[FAQ: How can I create targets?]]
  • [[FAQ: How can I create skin textures?]]
  • [[FAQ: How can I create clothes?]]
  • [[FAQ: How can I create hair?]]
  • [[FAQ: How can I create extra bodyparts?]]
  • [[FAQ: How can I create proxies or alternative topologies?]]
  • [[FAQ: How can I create poses?]]
  • [[FAQ: How can I create a thumbnail file?]]
  • [[FAQ: I already have a 3d object from elsewhere. How can I use it in MH?]]
  • [[FAQ: Can I export an asset from Blender and get it back into MakeHuman?]]
  • [[FAQ: I have photos of a real person. Can I use those for making a skin?]]
  • [[FAQ: How do I make and upload a fashion render?]]


  • [[FAQ: How do I submit a bug report?]]
  • [[FAQ: How to provide a makehuman log for a good bug report?]]
  • [[FAQ: I want to extend MakeHuman functionality. Where should I start?]]
  • [[FAQ: I want to contribute code in a more structured manner. What is the recommended procedure?]]
  • [[FAQ: I want an easy code task to get to learn the makehuman code. Where should I start?]]
  • [[FAQ: I have made a code patch. Where do I send it?]]
  • [[FAQ: I’m not a coder. How can I contribute?]]
  • [[FAQ: I have made a new asset for MakeHuman. How can I contribute it?]]
  • [[FAQ: I have made a tutorial. How do I contribute it?]]
  • [[FAQ: I want to help write documentation. How do I do that?]]

Rendering, materials and node setups

  • [[FAQ: The eyes look flat and “dead” in blender]]


  • [[FAQ: What is the general policy towards NSFW content and discussions?]]
  • [[FAQ: Is it ok to share NSFW imagery on the forums?]]
  • [[FAQ: Is it ok to share NSFW content in the user contribution repos?]]


  • [[FAQ: The publisher could not be verified]]
  • [[FAQ: My Antivirus tool blocks MakeHuman or Norton Antivirus reports WS.Reputation.1]]
  • [[FAQ: There seems to be a version mismatch between MHX and blender]]
  • [[FAQ: I am using the ubuntu or debian version of MakeHuman and…]]
  • [[FAQ: MakeHuman fails to start in windows, nothing seems to happen when I click the exe]]
  • [[FAQ: Eyes are rendered completely white (or black) in blender]]
  • [[FAQ: I can’t download from the user repos, all files are saved as HTML]]