Do you have some quick tips on how to make a nice image with a makehuman toon?

Making a nice 3d image takes skill. There is no way around it: You’ll need to know what to do, and be good at it.

However, there are also some basic pointers which may be helpful when starting out.

  • Consider using a specific proxy for male/female (it particularly helps with the clavicle in female)
  • Set the “default no toes” skeleton in MH before exporting
  • Export/import using MHX2
  • When importing using MHX2, override presets and set rig to “exported MHX”. This way you get good weight painting and IK.
  • Use the cycles rendering mode in blender
  • Enable at least two subdivisions on the body at render time
  • Use lots of light with at least one narrow direct light source to provide interesting shadows, and plenty of indirectly bounced light in order to make things not too sharp
  • Do not use light capping or filter glossy. Using these shortens render times significantly, but it also removes crispness from the final render.
  • Increase light bouncing to the preset “full global illumination”
  • Consider mixing in SSS in the skin texture. Follow a tutorial from youtube to get a decent node setup
  • Read to understand what else can be done for skins
  • For materials on clothes and surroundings, consider using PBR rather than the normal diffuse-glossy-fresnel mix. See for an intro. There are plenty of plugins/materials to download, so you don’t have to design them yourself.
  • If you got lots and lots of patience, consider using particle hair. See
  • Most of what is true for photo composition is also true for making a good 3d still image, see