Collection of old documents

MakeClothes: old version

  • [[Documentation:Clothes|MakeClothes V1]] (documentation replaced MHBlenderTools: MakeClothes, see below)
  • [[Documentation:Making a simple dress|Making a simple dress]]
  • [[Documentation:Making diapers for a baby|Making diapers for a baby]]
  • [[Documentation:Controlling the result with vertex groups|Controlling the result with vertex groups]]
  • [[Documentation:Modeling a sword|Modeling a sword]]

MakeTarget: old version

  • [[Documentation:Targets|MakeTarget V1]]

Old blender plugins

The following have been merged in other pages, but they are left here if something got lost in the translation:

  • [[ Documentation:MHBlenderTools: Download and installation|MHBlenderTools: Download and installation ]]: How to download and install the addons for Blender
  • [[ Documentation:MHBlenderTools: MakeTarget|MHBlenderTools: MakeTarget ]]: Description of the MakeTarget™ tool, to create custom morphings for MakeHuman.
  • [[ Documentation:MHBlenderTools:MakeClothes|MHBlenderTools: MakeClothes ]]: Description of the MakeClothes™ tool, to create custom clothes for MakeHuman.

Documentation from Drupal

[[Documentation:Big dump from drupal]]

(most of this should now have been ported to separate pages as per above)