When will 1.1 be released?

MakeHuman is a volunteer project, and devs work as and when they have spare time. Currently, large parts of the project group is busy with real life situations. There is no definitive plan for when 1.1 will be released.

This said, the code base for 1.1 is largely feature complete (and there are release candidates). There are some things which are desired to implement before a formal release, but most users would probably not see any difference between the program as it looks in the stable branch today and what will be released as a formal stable version.

Because of this, it is the strong recommendation of the project group that people use the release candidates for now, rather than 1.0.2. They are at least as stable, and everything which is added to the asset repositories etc are intended for this code version.

If you are curious on more details on what remains for 1.1.0, you can find a filtered list 2&set_filter=1&status_ido in the bugtracker. Many of these issues are likely to be deferred to a 1.1.1 maintainance release though.