I downloaded a third party skin. How do I install it?

Like other third party assets (e.g., clothes, body parts, or targets), skins are installed in the appropriate data-folder in the home directory.

Example paths to the skin parent folder would be:

  • Windows: “Documents\makehuman\v1py3\data\skins” on Windows Vista/7/8/10" or MY DOCUMENTS\makehuman\v1py3\data\skins" on earlier Windows
  • Linux: ~/makehuman/v1py3/data/skins or ~/Documents/makehuman/v1py3/data/skins (depending on linux distribution)

Best practice is to create a new subfolder within the skins folder. The name of this folder should be the same as the skin to be installed. Then copy the relevant files, e.g. for example skin_name.jpg, skin_name.mhmat and skin_name.thumb, to the newly created subfolder. (Note that there might be more files, for example a normal map etc)