Asset Packs

Asset packs are zip files with checked assets from MakeHuman and the asset repositories. You can download these to quickly get up and running with a basic set of assets.

MPFB2 users will want at least the “Makehuman system assets”.

See the asset packs FAQ for more information on asset packs.


These are release notes for major updates to asset packs:

Available asset packs

System assets, shared under CC0:

Target assets shared under CC0:

  • Animal 01, Various animal and furry transforms
  • Arms 01: Realistic arm deformations
  • Cheek 01: Realistic cheek deformations
  • Ears 01: Realistic ears deformations
  • Hands 01: Realistic hand deformations
  • Nose 01: Realistic nose deformations

Target assets shared under CC-BY:

  • Animal 02, Various animal and furry details by JALdMIC
  • Animal 03, Animal and furry head deforms by JALdMIC
  • Animal 04, Animal and furry full body transforms by JALdMIC

Pose assets shared under CC0:

Material assets, shared under CC0:

Mesh assets shared under CC0:

Mesh assets shared under CC-BY:

Secondary mirror

Please only use this if the download links on the subpages above do not work. The mirror has a much tighter traffic quota and there’s a risk it might get shut down if overloaded.

The secondary mirror is here

The primary download site and the mirror are on two different ISPs in different parts of the country. If you still have trouble downloading, the best guess is that there’s a routing issue on your side or between you and Sweden.