Artistic tasks

There are plenty of things to do in MPFB which do not need coding.

The easiest way to contribute is to add assets (clothes, hair, skins…) to the user contributed asset repository. However, there are also a few more specific tasks.

  • Normal maps. The bundled assets currently do not include any normal maps for skins. There are a few male muscular maps in the repositories, but there is a need for other variations too. MPFB could really use some generic normal maps for basic character types (old man, fit female, child, obese man and so on)
  • Targets for visemes. The only available viseme library is licensed GPL, which is license incompatible with MPFB’s promise that all bundled assets are CC0. However, in order to eventually implement lip syncing, targets are needed for visemes. These would be standard targets modeled the same way as any other target.
  • Help weight painting the Mixamo rig. There is already a rough weight paint in place, but it could definitely be improved.