Who owns MPFB?

As MPFB is an open source project, “owns” is a bit imprecise. Philosophically, the project is owned by the wider community.

If we instead take a look at formal copyright, the following is a summary:

  • The majority of source code has been written from scratch by Joel Palmius, who thus stands as the copyright holder.
  • Those part of the source code that concern creation of assets (MakeTarget, MakeClothes…) have a longer history and have multiple authors, but in summary they are “owned” by the MakeHuman dev team.
  • The core/system assets had their copyright explicitly transfered a few years ago, and have Data Collection Ă–stersund AB, Joel Palmius and Jonas Hauqier listed as copyright holders.

There is no commercial entity or large organization behind MPFB. It is a volunteer project.