Helping out with testing

Testing is obviously something you can never get enough of. Any testing is helpful, just to make sure that MPFB is solid in as many different contexts as possible.

However, there are a few particular areas which could benefit from more focused efforts:

  • UX. The user interface of MPFB is formulated largely from a technical viewpoint. It could benefit from a more targeted analysis from a user experience viewpoint. Is the interface understandable and consistent? Are tooltip and help texts understandable? Are there error messages which should be reformulated?
  • MacOS. MPFB is developed and tested on Windows and Linux. It needs thorough testing on Mac too, but no-one in the main dev group has access to a Mac workstation.
  • Different languages and locales. Efforts have been made to take different encodings and locales into account, but if you have, for example, an arabic-language windows installation, it would be very helpful to get reports if something does not work as intended.

In either case: If you find a problem, please report it by opening an issue in the MPFB github repository: