A set of hats and caps shared under CC0: hats01_cc0.zip (6 mb)

Included assets

Asset type Thumbnail Asset name Author Source License
clothes aethelraed_unraed_cloche_hat.png aethelraed_unraed_cloche_hat.png aethelraed_unraed_cloche_hat Aethelraed_Unraed asset repo CC0
clothes grinsegold_uncle_joshis_hat.png grinsegold_uncle_joshis_hat.png grinsegold_uncle_joshis_hat grinsegold asset repo CC0
clothes joepal_xmas_cap.png joepal_xmas_cap.png joepal_xmas_cap Joel Palmius asset repo CC0
clothes jujube_bag_on_head.png jujube_bag_on_head.png jujube_bag_on_head jujube asset repo CC0
clothes jujube_newsboy_cap.png jujube_newsboy_cap.png jujube_newsboy_cap jujube asset repo CC0
clothes toigo_maga_hat.png toigo_maga_hat.png toigo_maga_hat MargaretToigo asset repo CC0