Saving models for Blender and how to import them there

MakeHuman have for historical reasons always had a strong relation with Blender, and Blender support is in general good.

1.2.0 and Blender 2.80

With MakeHuman 1.2.0 and Blender 2.80, the general recommendation is to use MPFB (see [[FAQ: What is MPFB (MakeHuman Plugin For Blender)?]]).

1.1.0, older Blender versions

As of 1.1.0 there are two approaches for getting assets from MakeHuman into blender: with or without MHX2.

Using MHX2

Prior to MakeHuman 1.1.0, the ancestor of MHX2 was integrated with MakeHuman. But in MakeHuman 1.1.0 and later MHX2 is an addon which needs to be installed separately. For a discussion on the change, see [[FAQ:What happened to the MHX export in MH 1.1.x and later?]].

For a detailed documentation about installing the MHX-2 plug-ins in MakeHuman and Blender, exporting from MakeHuman and the various advanced import options in Blender please refer to the official documentation by Thomas Larrson:

Using Collada or FBX

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