I downloaded a third party model. How do I install it?

Models usually only consist of two files, of which one is optional: The model as such (*.mhm) and a thumbnail (*.thumb). These files should go into the “models” directory.

Example paths to the models folder would be:

  • Windows: “Documents\makehuman\v1py3\models” on Windows Vista/7/8/10" or MY DOCUMENTS\makehuman\v1py3\models" on earlier Windows
  • Linux: ~/makehuman/v1py3/models or ~/Documents/makehuman/v1py3/models (depending on Linux distribution)

The thumbnail will be recreated the next time the model was loaded and saved again in MakeHuman.

Though it is good practice to keep your files at one place, MakeHuman also lets you choose a different folder to load your models. Just click on the “…"-button left of the path. The dialog box just lets you choose a folder and does not show the files in it. Contained files of the newly selected folder will appear in the in the file chooser on the right. If the newly selected folder contains files in subfolders, these files will automatically be loaded by the file chooser, too. On restart, MakeHuman will remember the last folder selected for the load, save and export option.