MPFB Roadmap

MPFB version 2 is currently in alpha (see release notes for 2.0-alpha3 for the latest release).

Alpha 3 is the last planned alpha. The next version will (probably) be “beta 1”. It is not decided if there will be one or two betas.

The roadmap has no dates in place, since the development is all on volunteer basis and happens when people have time. Best tip if you want things to go faster is to jump in and help the project along, see contributing to MPFB.

But the following is a rough overview of the nearest future.

MPFB 2.0 beta 1

Main focus: Getting all asset creation tools to a usable state in MPFB. This particulary concerns MakeClothes.

Other planned efforts:

See the preliminary release notes.

MPFB 2.0 beta 2

Main focus: Stomping out remaining bugs. Test thoroughly before stable release.

Other planned efforts:

  • Add enough unit test coverage to be able to be comfortable when new blender versions are released
  • Writing documentation and guides

MPFB 2.0 stable release

Main focus: Providing a polished experience for users and releasing something which is viable for a longer term support.

MPFB 2.1 (and later)

These plans are very uncertain, but there are things which should ideally be done:

  • Translation of the UI to other languages
  • Support BlenRig
  • Support Faceit
  • Geometry nodes / particle hair
  • Wrinkle maps
  • Update the online asset repository to future-proof it
  • Provide integration with the online asset repository so assets can be uploaded/downloaded to/from the repo from inside blender