The ecosystem consists of a stand-alone application (MakeHuman), assets and tools implemented as addons inside Blender.

ecosystem ecosystem

Main applicationa

There are two applications for modeling humans:

  • MakeHuman: A stand-alone GUI program for modeling 3d humans
  • MPFB: A blender add-on for modeling 3d humans


Assets come in two categories:

  • core assets: the base mesh, a morph library, basic skins, alternative topologies and some sample clothing.
  • user contributed assets: assets created by users, including skins, clothes, hairstyles and so on.

Tools for creating assets

The toolset for creating new assets come in the form of Blender addons:

  • MakeClothes: A tool for creating clothes, hairstyles and alternative topologies
  • MakeTarget: A tool for creating morphs
  • MakeSkin: A tool for creating materials, such as skins