What are the differences between MPFB2 and MakeHuman?

Conceptually, MPFB2 can be thought of as a reimplementation of MakeHuman as a blender addon. However, apart from that they are different applications with different codebases and different contexts for running.

MakeHuman is a standalone GUI application with no relation to Blender. It has been around in various forms for close to two decades. Its aim is to enable rough modeling of characters which can then be exported to another application for further work. It does not implement any general 3d modeling apart from this.

MPFB2 is an addon for Blender, and can as such not be run without Blender. The current codebase (MPFB2) has been around since 2021. Its aim is to enable all needs for character modeling inside Blender. It leans heavily on Blender for all generic 3d modeling needs.

This said, and this is important, all assets are shared between MPFB2 and MakeHuman. They use the same file formats and the same system assets, such as the base mesh and the body modifications. You can start working on a character in MakeHuman, save it as MHM and then continue working on it inside MPFB2.

Overview of differences and similarities

MakeHuman MPFB2 MPFB1
Is a… Standalone GUI application Blender addon Blender addon
Runs in/on… Windows, linux, mac Blender (on any platform) Blender (on any platform)
Purpose Full character modeler Full character modeler Importer from MakeHuman
Had first release… More than 15 years ago 2022 2018
Save file format MHM JSON or Blend (but can read MHM) Blend
Morph target format .target .target and gzipped .target Does not support morphs
Clothes format MHCLO MHCLO Baked mesh imported from MH
Material format MHMAT MHMAT, procedural skin, procedural eyes MHMAT, procedural skin
Base mesh hm08 hm08 hm08
Export formats MHX, DAE, FBX, OBJ Anything blender can export to Anything blender can export to
Can model new characters Yes Yes No
Dynamically load assets Yes Yes No