What happened to the special assets genitalia?

The genitalia proxies have been removed from the official MakeHuman bundle and can now be found in the “User contributed assets” section. That is, they can be downloaded from the User contributed assets Page (http://www.makehumancommunity.org/proxies.html). To install the proxy please refer to [[FAQ:I downloaded a third party proxy. How do I install it?]].

There is still genitalia functionality in the code. This does, however, not do anything unless a genitalia proxy is enabled.

So to (for example), use the penis sliders you will need to:

  • Download the male genitalia proxy
  • Go to geometries -> topologies and enable it

Having done this, all the appropriate genitalia sliders should now function.

Alternatively, there is also an add genitalia functionality in the MHX2 plugin.