What is the general policy towards NSFW content and discussions?

In general, the admins and moderators are not bothered if someone wants to discuss body features which are generally considered NSFW (“Not Safe For Work”). This includes imagery including nudity and genitalia. Since MakeHuman aims at being biologically correct, it’d be absurd to try to exclude any particular part of the body from discussions.

So the general policy is that we keep an open minded and overall accepting attitude towards content and discussions which are on topic and not obvious attempts at trolling. What examples of the latter might be are decided on case-by-case. But it has not been a problem so far, and it was many years since we banned or redacted something because it was considered too provocative.

In summary: don’t worry. If you want to show off graphics or discuss particular features of genitalia, then you are welcome to.


Since the forum and the user contribution areas are hosted in Sweden they end up under a swedish jurisdiction and will thus have to take swedish laws into account. The supreme court in sweden has stated that just because an image is artwork or drawn or does not depic an actual person, it still doesn’t exempt it from following laws regarding (for example) child pornography. Thus we would have to redact or remove sexualized imagery of obviously underage toons. The same may (or may not, it is uncertain) go for other extreme or derogatory imagery.

But we believe it will be pretty obvious to any normal person what would be an example of an inappropriate thing to share. So if you just apply some common sense it shouldn’t be a problem.