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A set of beards and moustaches shared under CC0. Note that these end up as “clothes” in MPFB2: (6 mb)

Included assets

Asset type Thumbnail Asset name Author Source License
clothes culturalibre_faun_beard.png culturalibre_faun_beard culturalibre asset repo CC0
clothes grinsegold_beard_sigmund_wip.png grinsegold_beard_sigmund_wip grinsegold asset repo CC0
clothes rehmanpolanski_beard_viking.png rehmanpolanski_beard_viking RehmanPolanski asset repo CC0
clothes rehmanpolanski_moustache_viking.png rehmanpolanski_moustache_viking RehmanPolanski asset repo CC0
clothes wdg_scruffy_beard.png wdg_scruffy_beard WDG asset repo CC0